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In billions of dollars for hedge funds aimed at Wall Street
  Time: 2009/6/23 9:39:20  Hots: 8541
Following the real estate investment Goodman Australia, China Investment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "cast") and a new burst of investment objectives - a well-known Wall Street hedge fund Renaissance Technologies (Renaissance Technologies). Hedge funds from the China Center was informed that the cast plans to purchase the company billions of dollars as much as part of the shares. The company known as Wall Street's most famous, most successful and most mysterious hedge fund companies.
June 16, China voted in recruitment web site updated content, will launch a new round of global focus on recruitment, recruitment jobs, as well as 13 departments and 33 major categories. "Such a major investment institutions, in the sector adjusted to improve the natural talent to enter an important stage." Closer to the people in the senior vote, revealed to reporters.
In the investment framework for the adjustment, the new opening of a special interest in the investment sector investment is one of the hedge funds.
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