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Steel market remained optimistic about the unspeakable warmer
  Time: 2009/6/23 9:32:57  Hots: 6236
China Steel Industry Association said the report released yesterday, with the state, "domestic demand expansion, capital growth, transfer structure" of the policy measures being implemented, the demand for the domestic market will maintain growth, but remains in the doldrums in global demand, higher domestic production, as well as net imports of crude steel of the impact of sustained, post-market is not optimistic about the treatment needs of calm, cautious decision-making.
? Data show that 5 at the end of the domestic composite steel price index to 98.14 points, nearly three months than the first time since Central pick-up at the end of last month's index rose 2.58 points, representing an increase of 2.7%; the same period last year was down 58.72 points, 37.43 percent decline. Among them, the vast majority of varieties of steel price trend was picked up.
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