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British unemployment rate hit a new high of twelve years but still better than expected
  Time: 2009/6/23 9:32:04  Hots: 8161
Britain's National Statistics Bureau of Statistics data released today showed that the All England in February to April this year, the number of unemployed rose to 2.26 million people, since November 1996 reached a new high; percent rise in the unemployment rate 7:02, hitting the highest since July 1997 record. However, this data is still better than previously expected.
Data show that in May this year to receive unemployment benefits rose by 39,000 the number of people, less than analysts forecast earlier 60,000 people. February to April and the average income increase of 0.8 percent, higher than expected.
February to April this year, the owner of the number of jobs for 29.11 million people, a decrease of 271,000 people, a record since records began there in 1971 the highest quarter of decline.
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